TransportSimple – A Logical Solution!

With an aim to streamline the corrupt network of logistics in India, father-son duo Hardeep and Jasdeep Singh launched TransportSimple in 2018. In chat with Jasdeep, here’s an inside scoop to how this start-up came about.

1. How did the idea for the start-up come about?

Three years ago, my family’s business of manufacturing and logistics had a daily transportation capacity of 70 tons. With growth came all the possible modern-day afflictions. We relied on manual methods to manage the business. Unfortunately, it wasn’t scalable and resulted in a significant loss. I wanted things to function differently. We saw an opportunity and began questioning the need of a solution, the response was overwhelming. With experience from working with a reputed decision sciences firm, I knew the impact analytics and technological advancement, could bring to the traditional industry. That was the inception of TransportSimple.

2. What are the issues you want to solve through your start-up?

The road-line logistics industry, is highly fragmented and runs with minimum technological advancement. It is chaotic, time-consuming, error-prone, and lacks owner visibility; there are multiple false expenses, no scheduled maintenance, no performance tracking, and much more. The industry is dependent on various stand-alone platforms to manage their business with no information flow, ultimately lacking informed decision-making. With the introduction of the newer compliances by the government, an advanced platform is necessary.

3. What is TransportSimple all about?

As the name suggests, we target to simplify the way the transportation industry operates i.e from the administration, technological, and operations purview. We help businesses in managing their day-to-day activities, like – trips and inventory tracking, maintenance summary, GST compliant accounting modules, and live performance monitoring, among others. Our products help our partners save effort and money.

4. What kind of business can use TransportSimple?

The end-user is a fleet owner and/or road-line transporters. Where the fleet owners could be logistics companies, institutes, corporates, etc. of any size. We have annual subscription plans for our core products and multiple add-ons where the customers are billed based on the business’s size.

5. What were the hurdles you faced?

Entrepreneurship is a journey that consists of ups and downs, which can’t be avoided. We went from a seven-member team to only two of us. Our product launch which was supposed to happen in eight months took over two years. Through this all, we strived forward and never gave up.

6. How has the response, from the industry been so far?

We have rolled out TransportSimple to market in this financial year. We have over eighty customers even amidst COVID-19 lockdown. The testimony that we have received from our clientele has helped us make a market-fit product faster, and we look forward to growing with our customers’ support.

7. How do you plan to expand the start up? Do you plan to add other services as well?

We are hoping to reach a clientele of over 500 by the end of the current financial year, focusing on product development and enhancement based on the clients’ feedback. We aim to streamline and optimise the logistics industry’s working way in India, making it ready for the next-gen business owners to operate with ease. Down the line, we aim to build simple, straightforward solutions for more traditional businesses.

8. What tips would you like to give aspiring entrepreneurs in the ongoing pandemic?

As a millennial, the most significant advantage we have is the ability to fail, and quickly bounce back. Determination and the persistence to fight against all the odds is the key. Work on an attitude that will never let you settle in your comfort zone. Prepare yourself for bigger challenges. This motto should go with your whole team and you.

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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