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Tiny Pretty Things – Review

Tiny Pretty Things – I remember the world of ballet to be ethereal, mystical and plain ol’ beautiful. We see pretty ballerinas in their pointe shoes, pirouetting to perfection, but not everyone know what happens backstage. After watching movies like Swan Lake and Centre Stage, no amount of preparation is ever enough to take on Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things that is based on the novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. The Millennial Hub reviews!

Plot of Tiny Pretty Things

An unseen assailant pushed Cassie Shore – a ballet dancer of Archer School of Ballet – off the roof. Things go out of proportion after the accident leads Cassie to a coma. Neveah Stroyer – a dancer from the ‘wrong side of the tracks,’ enters. With a full scholarship Neveah strides in school to prove people that she has got the talent and knack to make it in the world of ballet. Neveah noticed that everyone’s eyes were set on the coveted title – “principal dancer.” She meets Bette who’s talented but forced to live in the shadow of her older sister – Delia Whitlaw and her roommate – June Parks (who is struggling to catch the eye of her teacher while also dealing with her unsupportive mother.)

The Twist in Tiny Pretty Things

Then, we meet the boys – who unfortunately for the show look like characters out of a cliched clique  from the 90’s movies. First the pretty boy – Oren, the nice one – Shane and the mysterious one – Nabil Limyadi (who also happens to be Cassie’s boyfriend.) The Archer School of Ballet run by Madame Monique DuBois gives an insider’s view into the grueling, hyper-competitive and cutthroat world of ballet. With a sole mission to churn world class dancers with no regard to their health, stress and toe nails!


When it is time for Archer’s final showcase, the school’s newest dance teacher – Ramon Costa decides to present The Ripper. Though he faces objection, Madame DuBois lets it slide as he brings in good of ticket sales. Preparation starts for the showcase and everyone’s facades wear off. In addition to dealing with peer-pressure, Neveah and the rest have to put up with the i-could-care-less attitude of teachers. Like, the stress of being the best, being pawned off to rich investors who are only looking to have a good time as well as Ramon’s verbal abuse and blatant predator-like attitude.

Final Verdict!

Tiny Pretty Things is a fun watch if you are on the look out for a mystery-thriller-drama series. With modern yet a terrifying edge to the story, the director’s eye for details is commendable. From zoom-in shot of a toenail being pulled out to every ballet technique has been shot to perfection. Additionally, you get an insider’s view to the kind of preparation that goes into the making of a ballet. This I feel gives you a greater appreciation of the art form that the world has come to enjoy.

Unfortunately, they have created a mess of all the characters that they have tried to fit into the parcel. There are so many storylines and several scenes with a whole range of different character that at a point it became whirlwind of information to digest. The season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things ended with a cliffhanger with one of the main characters being killed off. So what happens, who died and what is the fate of all the dancer? This will all be revealed in the next season! If there is one!

Rating: 4/5

Title: Tiny Pretty Things 

Streaming portal: Netflix

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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