Sustainably Manufactured Handmade Jewellery All The Way!

Ever wondered what mysteries are unseen in the remains of your beloved cut up vestiges from your dress material? 

Meet Rita Joseph, a cut above the contemporary jewellery designers who comes with a twist and we mean ‘A REAL TWIST’. This jewellery designer from Mumbai can spin the perfect piece of jewellery for your perfect dress. Who knew that the odd ends and bits could turn into affordable, sustainable jewellery! 

“It all started with a stroke of luck. None of this was planned. I made a pair of earrings and I wore them for a friend’s wedding. And I received so many compliments for this because; this was handmade and this was totally unique. Even on social media, I received appreciation for the design.” And that’s how it all began! This young, vibrant, and beautiful jewellery designer is naturally creative. She says “It runs in my blood. My mother and my grandmothers are all extremely creative!”

Speaking with TMH she recalls how her journey began. “I initially started with silk thread to design my earrings and the designs were loved by all. This became my motivation and I’ve made good sales and I have done so many exhibitions and it has all been a pleasure since then. This is what motivated me to convert my passion into my profession. It’s been four years now and I own a jewellery boutique in Malad.”

When we speak about innate talents Rita does justice to this gift. Her designs are one of its kind and her ideas are exclusive. “All my designs are very unique. It’s all about creativity. I mean, I design them myself. I only make about two to three pieces of the same design and people just love it. They love the fact it’s a single unique piece of jewellery all for them. Nobody really likes mass produced stuff.” says Rita.  She is your one-stop-shop for practical everyday jewellery and also to the exclusive, yet accessible wear for those special nights. “I cover weddings; right from the floral jewellery for the Haldi all the way up to the big day. My designs are all made of semi-precious stones. It’s all contemporary.”

Real luxury is customization and Rita’s designs definitely bring out the goddess in you. “I do customize jewellery mostly customized fabric jewellery. So how it works is; you send me a piece of your dress material or even a piece of your sari or blouse piece and I can make the matching jewellery out of it and give it to you.” This is that idea solves a huge problem. “Half the time people don’t find the right piece of jewellery to go with their outfits. So my concept is, you send me a piece of your fabric and I will make the right piece of jewellery out of it.”


Nope! Not at all! 

The former ground hostess at Air France and the current wonder designer who’s bringing in a new wave of designer jewellery says “It’s completely natural. I did not do any kind of professional course or certifications in jewellery designing. This was all-natural. This is just the gift of the hand and luckily this became a hit!” It certainly is! From delicate hand-crafted earrings to chunky necklaces that make a bold statement, she definitely has them all. It’s all about talent and the hunger your mind has for new designs.


“It’s all in my mind. I imagine and I visualize the design and I execute it. My inspiration is my creativity. I don’t draw the design. As I work the ideas flow in. It’s all my imagination and my creativity. That’s my inspiration.” When your imagination game is strong and you know exactly what you want to see; Voila! Feast your eyes! “It’s a different level of satisfaction when you imagine something with your mind’s eye and it is even better I reality.”

The most beautiful reward of your art lies in the smile of your customers. Rita says “Imagining the design and bringing out something is one thing. The other is when your customers and just so happy about the designs. The smiles and happiness is everything.”

Well. Nothing like jewellery made just for you.


“Independence! This is all on my own. I am my own boss and I’m not answerable to anyone. All my ideas are of my own. I have also given so many jobs to women who are from economically low backgrounds. They are from the chawls and their husbands don’t really let them go out and work. The other thing is; the genuine happy smiles I get to see on my customers’ faces because they loved the designs and the jewellery; that makes me so happy and that’s one of the most rewarding things about being a jeweler.”


The young, vibrant designer says that her jewellery is traditional-contemporary jewellery. It’s a fusion of the two worlds that bring out the best designs.

Have a boring office blouse? Pair it up with some over-sized yet just perfect earrings. ‘Jewels by Rita’ is also about sustainability. Silk threads that a finely woven into oversized hoops to spark up boring Mondays to Handmade Kundan chokers that completes that beautiful sari; Jewels by Rita has them all.

“I would say that it’s both traditional and contemporary jewellery. But it’s mostly traditional jewellery. I’m now soon going to be branching out into Indian folk art such as Madhubani for designs on earrings. I basically enjoy converting art into jewellery.” says Rita.

And what goes into the making of these bespoke designs you ask? 

“I use all kinds of materials. Mostly bronze. You get ready-made pendants, pearls, beads, strings, and all the material from the market and I pick up the materials and use it creatively. It’s like getting your raw materials to make your favorite dish.”

Creativity is just intelligence flaunting her jewels of fun.

“My forte is customized fabric jewellery. It’s 100% customization with your clothing.”


Is it gold, is it silver or are that diamonds?


“Luckily I do not have competition because my work is all creative and I know and I have faith in my work that no one can compete with my creativity. So whatever comes out is my creativity and my product and people would copy my product only when they see it and that is like after probably three months or so; by then I would’ve moved on to another design,” she says.

Millennials, you know exactly where to find your jewellery!

Written by Raina Joseph

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