#SupportSaturdays – A Solution To Unemployment

The corporate world was hit by the disruptive COVID-19 wave, leaving its employees with a bleak future. This novel situation led, to the inception of #SupportSaturdays, founded by Vinod Arora Team Leader for HR Shared Services at Amazon and Poonam Vijay Thakkar – an industry expert in Marketing, Digital, Content and Analytics. This initiative gives working professionals a ray of hope. The Millennial-Hub chats with co-founder Vinod Arora, to find the inside scoop.

What’s the CSR initiative? What gave you an idea to start it?

The havoc caused by COVID-19, was unprecedented and daunting. The pandemic has created ripples in the corporate world. Afflictions like businesses shutting down, work from home-led redundancy have lead to the rise in unemployment rate across all industries.

To mitigate this challenge, we launched #SupportSaturdays, with professionals from various industries who came together, to help those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Through the campaign, we give strategic visibility on Saturdays, by sharing their profiles on our LinkedIn pages. People tag their CVs/Video CVs (Max 1 minute) using the hashtag #SupportSaturdays and the magic of sharing and caring begins every Saturday from 11 a.m. onwards.

How much has #SupportSaturdays helped people?

We have achieved building confidence in people back by generating hope. We have achieved success, as professionals have been put to interview rounds through #SS. Through our team, we are awarding collective visibility of close to a million connection views to job seekers. The initiative began with 25 founding ambassadors including representation from Maldives, London, U.A.E. It has now grown to 70 plus ambassadors.

Vinod Arora and Poonam Vijay Thakkar

What is the initiative’s function?

The genesis of #SupportSaturdays lies in the concept of “Individual” Corporate Social Responsibility. We aim to utilise the largest professional networking platform – LinkedIn – more meaningfully and designed the campaign to award visibility to connections. The vision was to improve post engagements on LinkedIn and the response was phenomenal.

The campaign was launched with a series of videos based on the concept of #SupportSaturdays like Hai na. We created a tangible connection with our followers, by learning from them and creating offers lead by innovative ideas.

How does #SupportSaturdays help in the pandemic situation?

With this rising number of unemployment we anticipated a rise of job scams as well. We aimed at building an authentic platform for job-seekers and launched #TuesdayJobFair. In this initiative we coordinated with our database of HR managers and curated job-vacancy posts.

 What’s your vision?

We plan to write plenty of success stories. With the advent of technology, Video CVs are taking over the hiring industry. To stay on par with the vogue, we intend to launch our next project. Where, we will groom professionals and build their confidence and break the clutter by grabbing the attention of recruiters in a fast, efficient and digitally-oriented way.

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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