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Stop Portraying Actresses as ‘Glamorous Doll!’

With the onset of the 20th century, cinema has become a major source of entertainment.
Although, it has changed over the years, gender bias is still a rampant problem in the industry. Actresses are left with a glamour role in several cases, as lead roles are given to male actors. This basically means that their main job is to serve as an eye candy for viewers. The Millennial-Hub got in touched with opinionated actresses and activists who share their views on this long-lasting societal issue.

Set Your Standards High!

Pramila Nesargi, a prominent female activist and lawyer opines that actresses need to put a stop to such glamour roles. She explains saying, “When an actress feels that her character is not equally important as the lead role, she needs to refuse such offers. Similarly, women face inequality in all sectors. Discrimination has always been and remains constant. People never show women as strong characters because they think it’s inborn. They should receive equal roles and responsibilities as their male counterparts.”

Samyukta Hornad

Although there is a change happening, the process is slow feels Kannada actress – Samyukta Hornad. “Things are changing for the good. The content on OTT platforms and the silver screen is better than what it was three to four years ago. Some Bollywood directors like Zoya Akthar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali have conceptualised strong and vocal characters in their movies,” shares the actress adding that she would never except a role that reduces her to a mere glamour doll.

The Need Of A Paradigm Shift!

The issue is the fact that it only takes a woman-centric movie for a female lead role to shine. What we intend to tackle is that, actresses need the similar prominence as a hero in a movie. The heroine is almost always someone naive, talented and gorgeous. While the hero is someone who saves the world, saves the actresses failing function of her cerebellum (imbalance) and what not..

Sonu Gowda

Actress Sonu Gowda feels that women should be portrayed as the ‘voice of India’. She adds, “To show actress just for a glamour quotient is not fair. Entertainment has become purely business-oriented. But, we need more directors and producers who work with great scripts. They need to believe in the actress as much as the content.

A Holistic Growth!

Tara Krishna Swamy – female activist and founder of the Shakthi organisation opines that for a change, women need to take management level careers in the entertainment industry. She adds, “For the cinema industry to change, heroines need to be offered better roles. This will happen only when women decide to become directors, producers, cinematographers, script writers etc. Until we have at least 50% of women everywhere, it is difficult for us to see the change where women are not treated fairly.”

Yes! Sometimes, women are given equal importance. But, certain movies cast them only in Barbie doll roles. Actress Neethu Shetty sharing her views says, “The so-called ideology of viewing women as glamour dolls and the general attitude movies needs to change. It would be better to portray more realistic and natural people as heroes rather than these so-called macho-mussel men!”

Written by Ruchi Rani

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