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  • Question of

    Do you bell-ieve in a thing called true love?

    • Pumpkin
    • Papaya
    • Bell Pepper
  • Question of

    If you get this right, there is a chance you could be a ‘cereal’ killer ?

    • Husk
    • Sand Paper
    • Pencil Shaving
    • Corn Flakes
  • Question of

    What did the one tooth tell the other?- nothing will ever come between us

    • Wool
    • Floss
    • Thread
    • Lint
  • Question of

    Life is too short to have bad hair!

    • Electric hair trimmer
    • Mixer Grinder
    • Chalk Chopper
    • Lawn Mower
  • Question of

    This guy needs to let off some steam

    • Kettle
    • Hooks
    • Spoon
    • Lock

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