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A review of the movie Rebecca 2020

The Millennial-Hub reviews Rebecca – directed by Ben Wheatley is based on the novel written Daphne du Maurier. From mystery to playful romance, a lot of secrets to obsession and passion, there’s every emotion you yearn.

The Plot of Rebecca

A tale of newly-wedded Mrs.De Winters starring Lily James who globe-trotts with her husband – Maxim de Winter to his family home – Manderley after a whirlwind romance.

An Un-named young ‘lady’s companion’ meets the the brooding but handsome Maxim while in Monte Carlo. After a series of late night drives, lunches and trips to the beach! They tied the knot and moved to Manderley. With grim staff and the cruel Estate Manager – Mrs Danvers around, her wedded bliss was short-lived! Left on her own, Mrs de Winter has no choice but to roam the great rooms of Manderley except the west wing which is where Maxim and his ex-wife – the mysterious Rebecca who is now dead. Mrs Danvers’ strange obsession towards Rebecca (De Winters’ ex wife) seemed evident through the movie. With no help from her distant husband, Mrs. de Winters left reeling.

The movie moves forward at an easy pace while capturing the emotions of all the characters. The acting prowess of Lily James and Armie Hammer who essays Maxim is too the point but we would have loved to see more scenes with Armie. Kristen Scott who plays Mrs Danver has done an excellent job of playing the expressionless housekeeper and the ardent friends of the deceased Rebecca. The opulent manor, the bright colour and the period-perfect clothes all add to the story. However, the movie lacked, in certain places a sense of mystery. Although, Rebecca is constantly mentioned throughout the movie, there is not one scene with her in it. Additionally, if a bit of the past was added to the movie, it would have taken it to new heights.

Final Verdict: Watch the movie if you want experience a love so obsessive that it will make you just about anything!

Rating: 4/5

Title: Rebecca

Streaming Portal: Netflix

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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