Relationship Anxiety Creeping in Millennials’ Love Life!

Relationship Anxiety Creeping in Millennials’ Love Life!

The start of any relationship is always beautiful. With time, certain factors leads to discord among couples. Factors like doubt, jealousy, time differences, distances among couples can lead to anxiety in relationships. When couples start doubting the relationship they are in, experts say can lead to relationship anxiety.

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One couple who have gone through the hurdles of relationship anxiety is Karthik and Sushma who say, “From childhood friends to lovers, we spent a considerable time with each other. But, when I shifted to Pune, my insecurities of loosing her grew. To tackle this I would fight and assume she was cheating on me. I felt avoided until we met and sorted out our issues.”

Dr. Kala Balasubramanian, a Psychologist at Inner Dawn Counselling and Training Services believes that, “It’s quite natural for a person in a new relationship to feel anxious and insecure. When this insecurity persists for a long period, affecting the relationship, that is relationship anxiety.”

However, a little bit of anxiousness could actually prove to be healthy for the relationship. It helps them motivate each other to stay connected and attached.

What is relationship anxiety?

When behaviours like suspicion, excessive calling or messaging, checking phones without consent, extreme reaction to minor issues etc topples over…this could indicate relationship anxiety. This can sow seeds of doubts among couples and ultimately pushing each other away.

Giving us some food thought, Dr Kala says, “It is important for both partners to stay connected while retaining one’s own identity. Anyone who is in a relationship should remember that they had life of their own before the relationship. Spend time with your friends and take up hobbies and interests. Balance is crucial to a healthy relationship.

How can one control relationship anxiety?  

Giving advice on how to manage it, Dr Kala adds, “If you feel anxious about your relationship, then take time to workout, practise mindfulness, get in touch with friends and take up a hobby. This can prove to be helpful.”

However, it is important to understand the origins of relationship anxiety, shares Dr Kala adding that , “Anxiety can stem from past relationships, childhood attachment and the trust they have in themselves and their partners. Talking to a therapist in a safe space to resolve past experiences is highly recommended. This way you can stop it from impacting your present life and relationships. When one starts to think negatively, they are bound to look out for the flaws in their relationships as well.”

Overthinking can cause conflicts in the relationship. “Anxiety can impact trust, closeness and even the intimacy of any relationship.” adds Dr Kala. 

What are the causes?

Relationship expert and life coach Richa Hora feels that Anxiety can stem from one’s own insecurity. She further adds, “The feeling of not worthy of being loved can be one of the root causes of this. Additionally, couples in long distance relationships are often plagued with anxiety. The many miles between couples, time difference and busy schedules becomes stressful.

Giving couples a few tips on how to deal with long distance relationship anxiety she says, “Avoid bringing up irrelevant issues and habits that bother you.”

The building blocks of any relationship is trust, shares senior therapist Dr Krishnamurthy. “Trust can remove negative vibes from one’s relationship. Make time for your partner and constantly share your feelings with them. This will bring about closeness and avoid the fear of loosing them.” Dr Krishnamurthy concludes adding that the best way to overcome relationship anxiety is to move forward, meditate and exercise regularly.

Written by Shashi prabha V

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