• The White Tiger

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    The White Tiger: Exposing India’s Jungle Morality

    The White Tiger a film full of contrasts and absurdities, reflects the land it was shot in. The film features Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rajkummar Rao and Adarsh Gourav among others. The Millennial Hub reviews! The Plot of The White Tiger The film starts with a wealthy-looking Balram Halwai narrating his story to a visiting Chinese […] More



    Misconceptions about Gays — Decoded

    The heteronormative society has moulded minds from an early age to fit into rigid binary boxes of masculinity and femininity. After the journey of unlearning and self-discovery, many people become comfortable to conform to certain labels to identify with. Yet, those labels come with misconceptions. In this article of the Decoded series, we converse with […] More

  • Erotomania



    Erotomania An Upgrade of Fanaticism!

    Fanaticism is a common thing we see among millennials! From sports to tv series and stars we go gaga about almost everything we love. Well, did you know that an overdose of fanaticism can lead one to a state of delusion? Yes, it’s called Erotomania. Read along as The Millennial-Hub delves deeper into what this […] More

  • tiny pretty things


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    Tiny Pretty Things – Review

    Tiny Pretty Things – I remember the world of ballet to be ethereal, mystical and plain ol’ beautiful. We see pretty ballerinas in their pointe shoes, pirouetting to perfection, but not everyone know what happens backstage. After watching movies like Swan Lake and Centre Stage, no amount of preparation is ever enough to take on […] More

  • Electronic aggression



    Electronic Aggression On The Rise!

    A lot has happened since the pandemic wave annihilated our lives! Of the many afflictions we face, Electronic Aggression is the new grinch! Reports by leading research organisations  state that there has been a 70 percentage rise in cyberbullying during the pandemic. The Millennial Hub delves deeper! In today’s society both technology and millennials share […] More

  • Fibroheal



    Fibroheal – Did You Know Silk Heals Wounds?

    Silk in India holds a unique place in our hearts but never before has it been used in the treatment of wounds. This is a segment that largely goes unnoticed until it turned into something serious. Fibroheal, a Bengaluru-based startup uses silk in creating products that directly aid in the treatment of different kinds of […] More


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    Traditional Christmas Recipes!

    Traditional Christmas recipes for all! The Millennial-Hub bring to you these easy-yet-impressive festive homemade recipes. Whether you have a cozy white Christmas or summery warm Christmas, these three traditional recipes are a must try. Traditional Christmas Fruit Mince Pie Recipe Mince pies were originally filled with meat such as lamp and beef rather than dried […] More

  • Gigs on Wheels



    Gigs on Wheels – An Exclusive!

    Gigs on Wheels comprises of ‘a bunch of guys noodling between different genres.’ The band released their first original composition Alive this year, to spread awareness on mental health. Rahul Joseph the lead vocalist of the band chats with The Millennial Hub! 1) What led to the inception of Gigs on Wheels? How has the […] More


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    ‘The Tonic’- A Book Review

    A Review of The Tonic – Not For Faint Hearts! A naive friendship budding between two lads with psychological deficiencies, witnesses the religious riots in 1992. This is fictional story that is set against a historical backdrop. Parallelly we see a narration about an atheist business tycoon in 2017. The story goes from 1992 to […] More

  • burnout



    Millennial Burnout Is Real!

    Millennial Burnout is real and hitting us now during a pandemic is worse! The constant feeling of an impending doom or self-loathing for lack of achievements, is precisely an onset of a burnout. The Millennial Hub reports. If you lack the motivation to wake up every morning and feel like the world is yours to […] More

  • Fake news COVID 19

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    False news spreads faster than COVID!

    While on one hand the virus outbreak sent shock waves worldwide, on the other fake news about the virus spread like wild-fire. The Millennial-Hub speaks to medical experts to break some of these myths! Read along! Some of the common Fake News are as follows! Dr. Srinath, a senior surgeon throws some light on few […] More

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