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Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai – Review

Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai – Really? Really Now?
Come Eid, a Salman Khan flick is released. And for reasons known only to him, he ensures to claim dominance of the screen this time of the year. Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is his most recent undertaking. Directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by the Khan Family, this flick is a mind-blowing deconstruction of how, bad films become ‘cult faves.’ Inspired by the 2017 Korean film, The Outlaws, does Radhe live up to its exceptions? The Millennial-Hub reviews!

The Plot of Radhe!

The story of Radhe brings our focus to the rampant use of drugs among school and college kids. As a result, there are countless suicides amongst them.
Like every other ‘Bhai’ film that has released over the years, Radhe too follows the same set standards. A city under attack, a drug-selling bad guy, incompetent police officers and a beauty prop…pardon me – a heroine. And, of course a cop with the constant urge to remove his shirt and show off those eerie twitching man boobs and “100% genuine” 6 pack. Suspended cop Radhe (Salman) is revoked when his helpless seniors can not rid the city of antagonist Rana’s (Randeep Hooda) atrocities. Well, of course his entry is packed with an action sequence that has corpses flying. From intimidating goons by unhygienically spitting peanuts on them to shooing off the bad guys with the droopy-cataract-due eyes, Bhai’s action scene are as predictable as ever.

The Mass Casting Foul Play of Radhe

Salman appears to be in his age-old routine (Attempting to move a limb in slow motion aka fighting, trying to dance and delivering infuriating one-liners.) The others in the movie are an utter waste of talent! Well, yeah including Randeep Hooda, only because it’s impossible to accept those shoulder length tresses. We have Disha Patani as Dia who’s either busy overcompensating dance moves in random songs or is just a naive Icandy. Radhe’s boss and Dia’s brother (her real life to-be pop-in-law) ACP Avinash (Jackie Shroff) is a clueless cop. Then there’s Arjun Kanungo  who plays Mansoor – a bad guy turned good only to be killed. The movie’s only saving grace are scenes with Randeep Hooda in it, (well you still can’t let him off the hook completely you know?)

Final Verdict!

I was left baffled thinking what were they on? Meh! Who am I kidding!
Bhai certainly did justice to his track record of making movies that are all about him! His fight sequence, his attempts at wooing the heroine and his dominant personality is made the focal point.
If you’re looking for something new, then you will have to keep looking. The cliched one-liners, unavoidable item numbers and the immortal villain (Yes! Immortal until the climax where he is ultimately killed by the hero), there is not much to boast about. Maybe if you are all out of things to watch on OTT then you might give it a try (Honestly No Please don’t!). *Eye rolls* So much for my poor choice of investment in Zee Plex!
P.S: Bhai! My mum made me watch it and even she’s pissed!
Title: Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai!
Streaming: Zee5 Studio
Rating: 2/5

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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