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Periods – Speak About The Real Deal!

Periods – Speak about the real deal!

‘This is the 21st Century,’ ‘We now live in a modern age,’ ‘We are forward in our thinking!’

We utter these notions in every conversation while bragging about how we have evolved from what was called a conservative society. But! Have we? Have things really changed?

Well, not really, and here’s why! We try our best to stray away from any conversation that mentions menstruation, period pain, sanitary napkins etc. In fact, we paint a rosy picture about the whole experience.

TV commercials on sanitary napkins, show happy women jumping around freely while menstruating. But, these ads miss out on the real deal. Where’s the noise about mood swings, the discomfort and pain of actually standing and sitting and just existing. As a result, there is a generation of young girls who are oblivious to the truth about periods.

The Millennial-Hub got in touch with four women doing great in their respective industries and here’s what they had to say.

Period pain is real!

Chandrama Deshmukh – a Poet, author and performing artist believes that to bring about a real change, we need to begin with the reel change. She shares, “Period pain is real. Menstrual cramps are real. Physical discomfort is real. Having to excuse yourself from meetings while menstruating because you can’t sit in the same position for long is real. PMS and mood swings are real. Sometimes they can turn your life upside down. Society has downgraded menstruation to a mere ‘those days’. They are ‘The Days’. It’s important to give women the love, care and pampering they need when they are menstruating. The stains on our thought process need to be cleaned before the stains on our jeans. And advertisements can be a starting point to this change.”

Chandrama Deshmukh

Speak out loud about Periods as the real deal!

It is important to give young girls proper information to prepare them, shares rapper Madhura Gowda. She adds, “Times have changed and people are talking about things exactly the way they are. Especially with social media where we have a platform to express our views. As a kid, I was not exposed to what exactly ‘being on a period’ means and how it feels like. But now I realise that if I had the information, I would have been better prepared and it would not have come as shock to me. Periods have to be normalized. I remember watching sanitary pads and seeing blue ink poured on pads and wondering what is this used for. Although, I have seen red ink being used recently, I would love for reality to be portrayed in such ads and even in social media.”

Madhura Gowda

Normalise leaves for Period pain!

Poonam Vijay Thakkar – Co-Founder of #SupportSaturdays and #WeToo believes women on periods should be given care similar to an athlete with a broken nose. She says, “Studies have shown that around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime but most women experience discomfort and in many cases severe discomfort during periods. To be able to perform normally at one’s workplace, one is expected to be mentally and physically at optimum ease. The question arises when most of the women are not at their best comfort level on day one, should the organizations not be considerate enough knowing it’s a biological hindrance. This does not make any woman weak, because it’s common sense that you can’t play best of the football with a broken bone”.

Poonam Vijay Thakkar

What Do you Think About Periods?

Young girls are aware of what’s coming if they are taught beforehand, shares, Dr Ramya Mohan – a Consultant Psychiatrist. She further adds, “Girls are attaining puberty earlier than before. It is important to make them aware of facts around bodily changes, hormones, the biology of period pain, self – hygiene and self-care in an age appropriate manner. This will help prepare them for adolescence, staying comfortable and safe.”

What do you think? Should TV commercials, movies and organisations accept the truth about period pain and not glamourise it with blue ink, or hiding stains on skirts, or even trivialising the pain we women face while menstruating! Share this story around and help us raise eyebrows!

Written by Ruth Prarthana

What do you think?

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