Misconceptions On Bisexuality – Decoded

Whether we like it or not the society we live, is biased. They prefer to see things in black and white, and hence, misconceptions run rampant. The members of the LGBTQIA+ community faces most of the brunt of these misconceptions. When someone identifies themselves as bisexual or gay or queer, people don’t really understand what it means. These three millennials address and make an attempt to explain the concept of Bisexuality and the misconceptions that surround it.

Vasundhara V N, a student finds it unfortunate that people think bisexuality is just a phase. She says, “People just assume bisexual people are just experimenting or confused, but it’s not. Bi-erasure is so common, if a bisexual woman is dating a man and pass as heterosexual, it doesn’t make her straight or if a bisexual man is dating a man, it doesn’t imply that he’s gay. They are both bisexual and it is valid. It has taken me so long to come to terms with everything, and to completely embrace myself.”

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This Engineering graduate believes that the misconception stems from the patriarchal society we’re all chained to be part of. 22 years old Omkar, says, “There is a misconception that a cisgender bisexual woman is just straight and a cisgender bisexual man is just gay, this stems from the society’s male centered construct and how men are desirable, and it’s absolutely not true. Also, some people think that bisexual people are 50% gay and 50% straight, and it’s like I’m neither, I’m 100% bisexual and proud.”

Benita, a student, shares that people assume bisexuality is bound to the gender binary. She goes on to share, “Although a majority of it is true, but I am non-binary and bisexual, for me bisexuality is not attraction to men and women only, but to more than one gender, it’s also called as polysexuality. Bisexuality is not attraction to just cisgender men and women but beyond the gender binary, and that is valid”

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Written by Ruth Prarthana

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