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Masala Coffee’s New Album – EKTARA

Indie band Masala Coffee has been on a roll, since it’s inception in 2014 by percussionist Varun Sunil. The band recently revealed and announced the title and art for their new album EKTARA on October 9th. We caught up with Varun to find out more about their album and how the band has been coping with the pandemic.

Varun shares he’s quite excited and hyped about the album. He says, “We chose the name EKTARA because it is the name of an instrument and also a star. It is a ray of light for us during this dire situation. It is a multilingual album with over 13 songs.”

Inspired by the unity among Indians, the band aimed at capturing the essence of India. “During the lockdown, people came together even with all the issues that were going on. The essence of India’s beauty is its variety in unity,” he adds sharing that the initial days of the pandemic was stressful on the band as well. He shares, “We soon got acquainted with the situation and started working individually, while simultaneously working on the album as well.”

Kaantha Reprise is going to be the first of the 13 songs that the band plans to release individually. Varun mentions that the album will have an Arabic-English track which will be the first for an Indian band. He further adds, “We will be covering all the major south Indian languages but a majority of the songs will be in Hindi.”

This was possible with the addition of two new vocalists who can explore the languages better. Varun signs off by adding the way in which the band works. “We just jam together and try having fun. Only if we enjoy what we make can we reflect the same to our listeners,” he adds.

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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