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Home Bakers On The Rise

By : Raina Joseph

Have you been drooling over those Instagram photos and videos about cakes and cupcakes? Well, you can now satisfy those hungry, sugar-craving-demons by reaching out to home bakers in your neighborhood. Home bakers are those artists that spin up something absolutely delicious with the science of baking and a whole lot of art. From burning our first batch of Choco-chip cookies to mastering a Rich Chocolate cake, the pandemic has definitely helped us explore our gastronomical talents. We at The Millennial-Hub, are more than excited to talk about food, cause who isn’t? That’s why we scouted for the best and brought them to you. These bakers can bake anything, from a trippy glaze icing cake to a simple vanilla cake with cloud like Italian Meringue icing and so much more.

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It all started with an order of cupcakes and burger buns and since then Shruthi Shree has been on a roll. She says her biggest inspiration is Nigella Lawson and her elder sister. Bakeometry is this sister-duo’s way of baking the world a better place. Who’s the star of Bakeometry you ask? She says “A Rich Chocolate cake with fluffy chocolate butter icing and lip-smacking Butterscotch filling on the inside.” Home bakers curate their every product with a lot of love and passion and this being a one man show; the stress and the strain on the body is REAL! Shruthi says that “The satisfactory feedback I get from my clients is worth all the pain and the effort that went into my creation.” With rise in home bakers, there is also a rise in the completion too. This is how Bakeometry benefited from the pandemic “People now prefer home bakers and the reason is because it is the question of safety of both sides. As much as I take precautions for my family and me, in the same way I take maximum precautions and measures at Bakeometry and everything is contactless.” The secret ingredient behind all her delicious cakes is love and her mantra to sell is “Bake with love! Never compromise on quality”

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As a child some of us wanted to be doctors, engineers or astronauts even, but Mayuri Balaji knew what she wanted to become right from the start. This 23 year old cake decorator knows exactly how to let her senses do the baking. She says “Baking to me is an art form, it’s therapeutic. It uses so many of our senses, not just the taste. It’s visually appealing and the aroma of something being baked in the oven just takes over you!” She is the owner of ‘THE CAKE DOH’, a cake artist and a home baker. The best of ‘THE CAKE DOH’ is the signature Chocolate with Butterscotch nuts in the form of cake, cupcakes and cake loaves. Her products are priced at 50 to 2000. Now you know where to get your goodies from.

We all learn from mistakes and baking has a ton of them in the beginning. Neha Bhulani, the owner of ‘Frosted by Neha’ and a home baker says “I’m a home baker, since 2019. My journey into baking began in 2016; after I burnt my first ever batch of cookies. Baking has been a way for me to prove myself, since quite a while now. I like to take up challenges, baking was one amongst it. My inspiration would be my own humiliation.” Her journey began not too long ago in 2019. From beautiful customized cakes to Red Rosette cupcakes and doughnuts with sprinkles of joy; she has them all. “At Frosted by Neha, our best sellers are Chocolate Hazelnut and Red Velvet Cupcakes & Cakes. Our prices start from as low as 300 (box of 4 cupcakes) up until 4000 (depending on the customizations on a cake). We do not provide home delivery as of now, but a lot of cupcake orders are moved by Swiggy Genie/Dunzo. The cakes are usually picked up by the client themselves.”

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