Gigs on Wheels – An Exclusive!

Gigs on Wheels comprises of ‘a bunch of guys noodling between different genres.’ The band released their first original composition Alive this year, to spread awareness on mental health. Rahul Joseph the lead vocalist of the band chats with The Millennial Hub!

1) What led to the inception of Gigs on Wheels? How has the journey been so far?

It all started with a dream to perform live on stage at Alliance Francaise on World Music Day. After a series of multiple attempts and tough lessons, we formed the band. Our aim was to go with a catchy name, that’s about us and has a good ring to it. We covered inter-city gigs around Bangalore on bikes, and a few of us with instruments stuffed into one cab, hence the name Gigs on Wheels!

I can confidently state that we’ve come a long way! It has been quite the learning curve for us. From misunderstandings to playing for a large crowd of 2,000 plus and performing over 300 gigs, to making music, and enjoying all we do, we’ve waded past it all. I’m optimistic about all that’s in store for us. The dream is to someday go on an international tour traveling in a caravan, which is why we conceptualised Gigs on wheels.

Eric Gerald, Arul Paul, Rahul Joseph, Darryl Britto, Daniel Joseph Anthony and Febin Wilfred

2) As the lead artist and manager of the band, what can you tell your audience about your music?

We’re fun, lively and our set-list is mostly familiar tunes that are very engaging. We love to hear them sing along and groove to our music. Some days we pick just niche songs and go mellow. Music isn’t about all the noise and action, it picks you at your lowest and keeps your spirits high when you’re happy.

Our band-mates have diverse tastes and musical influences, we’re a good mix of eclectic musicians with different genres of music. This mix helps us experiment and bring out weirdly-surprising rhythms in the jam room. When we bring this to performance, we see it is something that works with the crowd and we go with that flow. We play it by ear and we’re structured. That signature-twist element is what makes us stand out even if we play a few covers.

3) Gigs on Wheels released their first original composition Alive this year. It’s amazing that you’ve taken the initiative to spread awareness on mental health. Tell us everything there is to know!

Alive is a banner of strength and hope! We decided to release this during the pandemic. The overwhelming response we received was motivating. My favorite line from this song goes like this – “A new life’s here to embrace you, wipe all off your tears away. You will see a brighter tomorrow, just hold on & stay.” Reassurance is key and yes, I make it sound all rosy here but we’ve seen things through only with hope. Hope for better gigs and hope for better days.

4) How challenging has it been for you as a musician within the industry during the pandemic? How have you overcome these challenges?

It has been HARD, but we were fortunate enough to do a live stream gig which got 115 people from across the globe to watch us. We love to see our music travel.

Post the live stream, we didn’t lose steam. We released Alive and we’re now working on our upcoming album. We need to keep putting out content to keep up traction on social media. It’s important to keep up the momentum! The events and hospitality industry took a big hit and with that came no gigs, but venues are opening up now and we look forward to getting back to the gig scene soon.

5) What’s next in store for your fans?

We are working on our album, we recently got featured on MUSIC MOJO season 7 – Kappa TV. Our album will be a mix of genres, we’re looking for album name suggestions. As much as I would like to say that we’ve been nominated for the Grammys, I’d let that lie pass. But, if it sure gets people talking and checking us out (for this blasphemous claim), then why not?

I’m thankful for all the love and support our friends, families, and fans have continued fueling us with. We still have a long, challenging, yet promising path laid out for us ahead and we will work to put out more original music. The world needs it, especially now!

Written by Heidi Thomas

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