Fibroheal – Did You Know Silk Heals Wounds?

Silk in India holds a unique place in our hearts but never before has it been used in the treatment of wounds. This is a segment that largely goes unnoticed until it turned into something serious. Fibroheal, a Bengaluru-based startup uses silk in creating products that directly aid in the treatment of different kinds of a wounds. Found in 2017 by Vivek Mishra, Fibroheal is  the only start-up in India that is focused solely on wound management. The Millennial-hub caught up with Vivek to learn the inside story. Here’s what he had to say!

1. What led to the inception of Fibroheal?

Over 85% of medical devices and products which are used to treat wounds are imported. Karnataka is the second largest producer of silk and 80 lakh people are dependent on silk. This is where we saw the potential in using silk for wound management.

2. What is the problem that Fibroheal is trying to solve?

We are trying to be the one-stop solution to treat any kind of wound including chronic, acute, burns, diabetic etc. Wounds are one segments that are unaddressed and just a few multinational companies cater to this segment.

3. How does silk help in healing wounds? What makes it different from materials already available in the market?

Silk has been a part of human life for more than 3000 years. The cocoon of a silk worm is a breathable material making it a perfect biomaterial for wound treatment. The mulberry silk that is grown in Karnataka has a amino sequence that acts like a natural moisturiser which is required for apt healing of wounds.

What makes us different is the fact that our products takes an active role in the process of wound healing and faster tissue regeneration.

4. What was your biggest motivation?

Wounds are often neglected and this leads to serious problems. During one of our visits to Victoria Hospital, we realised that 50 to 60 percent burn victims don’t make it. There were many reasons that motivated us mainly – farmers, doctors, patients and hospital staff as well. We are also developing a company which is going to be the most comprehensive wound management from India catering to the world.

Fibroheal Team

5. What was the kind research that went into creating Fibroheal?

When creating silk threads, the cocoons are put in boiling which are then spun. In our case, we let the larva hatch the cocoon which then becomes unfit. We use the shell left behind as out starting raw material.

6. How has Fibroheal been accepted by medical practitioners and the healthcare industry?

Initially we faced a bit of hurdle as people could not comprehend that an Indian company could research and come up such products. We took a long time to convince surgeons to try our products and samples. Once the they realised the benefits of the products and its performance, things started to look up. We now have the Ministry of Defence, Air Force, Navy as well as leading hospitals and their surgeons.

Founder – Vivek Mishra, Co-Promoter & Director – Bharat Tandon and Subramanian S

7. What would your advice be for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Channel your focus to the purpose or the problem statement which you are trying to solve. Keep revisiting the purpose, it will give you the demeanor to succeed and keep you going. Not giving up is the key and the road of entrepreneurship is never clear. You have to take that step immediately whatever is visible with the light of flame, next step will fall in place its own. Stay focused and be ready to hustle, don’t give up! You will succeed at the end.

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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