Erotomania An Upgrade of Fanaticism!

Fanaticism is a common thing we see among millennials! From sports to tv series and stars we go gaga about almost everything we love. Well, did you know that an overdose of fanaticism can lead one to a state of delusion? Yes, it’s called Erotomania. Read along as The Millennial-Hub delves deeper into what this mental illness is.

What is Erotomania?

Dr. Reena Jain, a psychologist explains, “Erotomania is a delusion where people falsely believe that someone who they idealise is in love with them.” (Yes, the love that makes one go weak in the knee.) Speaking about her experience with a client, Reena says, “A young girl falsely believed that a famous lad in her college was in love with her. She assumed that he always asked around about her and that he was interested in her. After a few sessions with her, I understood that the reason behind her suffering was rejection. Many a times she felt ignored by her friends, relatives and this is what lead her to live in a delusional state called Erotomania, I treated her with the help of psychiatry. Sometimes, delusions never come alone!”

How do you detect Erotomania?

According to therapist Abhineethi, “Erotomania is an extremely uncommon delusion which is often concerned with an idealised romantic love, rather than sexual attraction. Detecting that an individual is suffering from Erotomania is challenging. Only their closest circle of friends and family will be able to understand the change.”

Dr. A R Krishnamurthy opines, “In early days delusional disorders were coined as paranoid disorders. It is now known as Erotomania delusion. Biological science views it as a consequence of neurological/neurotransmitter imbalance. The psychological perspective based on psycho-social factors, view it as a result of childhood deprivation and a host of other conditions.”

In psychiatric treatment, regulation of neurotransmitter through the administration of medicine becomes the priority. New developments in psychotherapy posit the use of CBT/REBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational emotive behavior therapy respectively)

What are the causes of Erotomania:

  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Rejection, depression and schizophrenia.
  • An individual’s life style, environment.
  • Genetics may also play a role, when  sometimes neuro transmitters fail to pass information properly to the brain.

Body language to watch out for:

  • Violence, jealousy and frequently speaking about a particular person.
  • Try to send letters and text messages to their assumed person, sometimes they try to contact them too.
  • Stalking the person and often collecting things used by the person they’re interested in.
  • They often wish to be around the person and try their best to seek attention. If they get it, they tend to shy away! Because, facing the reality is not their option.

Remedy for Erotomania:

  • Managing the environment also can help someone with delusions.
  • Family therapy is often part of the treatment.
  • A combination of both therapy and medication will help in breaking out of the delusion that they tend to dwell in.

To learn more click here to watch a short film on Erotomania.

Written by Shashi prabha V

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