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A Review of Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris – A compendium of cliches, almost murdering the French spirit!

Emily in Paris, tagged as a comedy drama, is the latest from the makers of Sex in the City! *Yup! It’s that obvious* Did you click this link expecting to read a review, seen through rose tinted glasses? Well, sorry I’ve got bad news! The Millennial-Hub reviews!

The Plot of Emily in Paris

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) works for a marketing firm in Chicago. Her boss falls pregnant and passes down her European transfer to Emily! *Yeah right, like that’s possible* The clueless Emily leaves to Paris to woo the French, with her ‘American perspective.’ What’s hysterical through the series is that, she’s ignorant to learn the language and unprepared for her ‘Dream-Job.’  Yet, she gets complimented by almost all her clients for stating the obvious like,“To build a brand you must create meaningful social-media engagement!”

Emily waltz through the city in coutures that don’t even match the charming locales! And, this gives her an upgrade to becoming a social media influencer. If their aim was to remind us of all the cliches that ever existed, then they’ve certainly done a great job! From rich women with petit dogs defecating on the streets, to chain-smoking, having wine for breakfast and people openly speaking about sex and illicit affairs *eye rolls* they’ve got it al! Not forgetting the occasional references to stereotypes surrounding other nationalities! For instance, Mindy – best friend over-night – says, “Chinese people are mean behind your back. French people, are mean to your face.” *Um! Okay then if you say so* And taking a dig at the Germans for not knowing ‘pleasure!’

Emily Knows it All!

Somehow this lost twenty-something American living her dream, finds herself in two triangle love affairs! *Every one wants Emily* What works for Emily is her cheerful character, from winning her new boss Sylvie’s trust to quite literally stealing a girl’s boyfriend!

Throw a problem at Emily and she comes up with the perfect solution, saving the day! From managing pharmaceutical brands to now Luxury brands in Paris, Emily is unaware of metaphors like ‘nose’ of the French! But, says awing things like “it’s like wearing poetry,” to the creator of a line of luxury perfumes – Antoine.  She even gets gifted with a pair of lingerie for her creativity, from Antoine who’s Sylvie’s lover! *Tada! ‘cuz yeah all French men are flirts right?*

Final Verdict

While the story seems straight out of a teen’s fantasy novel, a pandemic-free Paris is what caught my attention! The occasional reference to fashion trends and Emily’s ‘go-getter’ attitude is promising. The creators assure a sequel in the pipeline. Well, let’s wait and watch if their list of cliches or their plot to murder the French charm has subsided in – Emily in Paris Season 2.

Watch if you can do so, with absolutely no critical-thinking! But, don’t if cliches aren’t your thing! Trust me don’t!

Au Revoir *Well, duh! I can throw in some cliches too!*

Rating: 2.5/5

Title: Emily in Paris

Streaming Portal: Netflix

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