Digital Detox – ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’

Does the thought of missing one notification give you the chills? Have you found it hard to savour a meal without using your gadgets? If you have experienced this, you might be due of a digital detox. How important is for all to practice digital detox? “Absolutely necessary! It helps to reset your biological clock and lead a healthy life” says Saishyam – IT software engineer.

Technology was created to satisfy the ‘need,’ i.e to communicate faster. With the advent of technology, it has become a ‘want. Our minds get attached to the concept of being ever connected socially. Keeping sane in this hyper-connected world, helps with a positive mental health. We must adopt sustainable habits to have a control of technology and not the other way around.

Tech companies continue to upgrade and draw our attention, ultimately impacting the abilities of the human mind. Regularized digital detox helps maintain the balance between real life and digital life. Paving a way to disconnect and reconnect effectively. The Millennial-Hub shows you how!

Digital Detox – How can it be done?

Here are few tips and practical ways of how one can detox for better mental health and performance:

1. Awareness:

  • Keep a tab on your screen-time and build a life outside your gadgets. Do not let your device control your life.

2. Set no technology time and no technology zone:

  • Schedule your screen-time. You can start by setting small time slots and increase gradually.
  • Do not go to bed with your phone. Substitute your phone alarm with an actual alarm to avoid using the phone, first in the morning.

3. Remove distractions:

  • Turn-off push notifications and alerts.
  • Delete unwanted social media apps.
  • Devote about 20-30 minutes a day to catch up and send responses.

4. Focus on off-digital activities:

  • Go out for dinners / outdoor activities / read useful books / involve in service activities.

A Gadget-Free Lifestyle?

A device-free life is stressful yet a rewarding experience! It will help you understand the relationship with your devices. It makes you attentive, improves self-confidence and improves real-life relationships. “I’ve over-used digital devices in the past. I detox by forcefully restricting myself from using them. I travel to locations that have no access to internet and electricity to spend time with nature.” says Thwaraka – Senior IT consultant.

This will help discipline ourselves and help us stick to self-set guidelines. Jayan, a corporate strategy dealer says, “I usually switch off my phone at 2am. Now I restrict my screen time to 11pm. This way I feel awesome! I don’t complain about lack of sleep/irritation any more and I can focus better at work.”

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