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Covid-Proof Halloween Special!

Halloween themed party ideas!!!

Spooky, eerie, ghosty and plain old freaky are a few words that can be used to describe Halloween.  Halloween is something that we have learnt to enjoy over the years. But this year, with the ongoing pandemic, our plans of enjoying a spooky night around the town has come to a halt. With no choice but to stay indoors this year all you can do is throw a Halloween themed party for your friends. The Millennial Hub show you how, with these ideas!

Binge watch scary movies this Halloween!

It becomes quite hard to talk about Halloween without the mention of horror movies. These two go hand in hand. Over the years, we have been introduced to spine-chilling, bone-numbing, hair-raising horror flicks that have been a treat to watch. This Halloween , invite your friends over for horror movie marathon complete with a huge bowl of popcorn! Here are a few classics to choose from:

  1. Halloween (1978)
  2. The Exorcist (1973)
  3. The Shinning (1980)
  4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  5. Psycho (1960)
binge watch classic horror movies this halloween
Not for the faint hearts!!

Cook eerie food for your Halloween Night!

All things become quiet unearthly when Halloween rolls in and food is no exception. When cooped up inside this during this pandemic, eerie food is a must if your ‘re hosting house parties. Keeping on par with the theme, the food that you serve that should look like something that has emerged from down under.

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You can try:

  1. Eye Ball Punch
  2. Spider and Ghost Cookies 🍪
  3. Crudities with Ooey-gooey Slime dip
  4. Mummy meatballs
  5. Petrified Cat Cake
halloween spooky cookies
Tricky treats this Scary Season!

Spell Casting Sessions with healing crystals!!

Halloween is never complete without learning and casting witch spells. Set the mood by lighting up the room with candles, draw a pentagram or pentacle and start learn some simple spells with crystals. They may or may not work but it fun doing it. You can try a love spell or a spell for protection and safety, a spell for luck and success etc. Additionally, you can also have a small session where each one of you can talk about coloured candle what each of them stand for.

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Here are few books you can check out to learn some simple spells

  1. Wicca Book of Spells
  2. Witchcraft: A book of Magic Spells and Potions
  3. The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft
Spells with healing crystals to protect yourself this Halloween
Some healing crystals and spells! Bwahaha!

Enact an Urban Legends this Spooky Season!

Urban legends are something that we have always wanted to do but have never had the guts to do it alone. This halloween, you can either enact a few popular urban legends even try a few but always be aware of the shadows lurking in the dark! (eehehehe – dramatic witch laugh)

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Here are a few urbanise legends you can check out:

  1. Candyman or Bloody Mary
  2. Babysitter and the man upstairs
  3. The Roommate
Enact urban legends
The spookiest urban legend of all time!

Binge read dark poets collection this Halloween!!

If you’re not up for spell casting or urban legends you can always turn to poetry reading session. Choose dark poems that are perfect for setting. You can either write poems of your own or check out some really cool poets who write about themes like loss, anxiety, loneliness etc. Here are a few poems you can check out:

Click to check out a list of dark poems

  1. If Death Is Kind
  2. A Challenge to the Dark
  3. Forgetfulness

Dark poems
Edgar Allan Poe – A legendary Dark Poet!

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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