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‘ANSWER’ To The Rescue!

With close to a decade’s presence in the Indian electronic music circuit, ANSWER has played numerous shows and have swept a global audience. This multi-disciplinary DJ/Producer duo is a collaborative effort of Arjun Nair and Nishanth Naidu. The duo has carved themselves a niche in the world of Electronic Music.

The pandemic, has affected the music industry, forcing artistes to get innovative with their performances. However, ANSWER has managed to take the digital stage by storm! In conversation with The Millennial-Hub, they talk about hosting India’s First Social Distancing Party Experiment. ANSWER conducted a micro-test ‘Safe and Sound’ concert for around 20 individuals, to explore a way for artistes and musicians to be able to create a safe social gathering.

1) When was the inception of ANSWER? How were you inspired to collaborate?

It was late 2012 when we first decided to do a few shows together. Back then we had our own individual careers as artistes. We got in touch through Facebook and were both big fans of House music. So we decided to do a show together. At our debut show, we were confused with the flow of our set as there were two of us. This is when we decided to do a back-to-back set (almost like a DJ battle). This concept was an instant hit with our audience and we decided to try it again. At that point, there was no other DJ duo in Bengaluru and we realised that we had found something special.

2) It’s been over 7 years. What has changed since the beginning to now being Bengaluru’s #1 DJ Duo?

A lot has changed! The electronic music scene in India has grown exponentially as we see more people getting into it. We’ve evolved as artistes! We’ve been fortunate to work and collaborate with several reputed brands and IP’s. We’ve had the opportunity to perform internationally in places like Amsterdam, Philippines, Shanghai & the Middle East as well.

3) It’s impressive that both of you are self-taught artistes. What pro-tips do you have for upcoming DJs?

There are no shortcuts! Don’t follow trends because they come and go. Instead, build a community of loyalists and friends for yourself, that’ll take you a long way. Hard work is the only way up.

4) How challenging has it been for you, as DJ’s within the entertainment industry during the pandemic? How have you overcome these challenges?

It has been extremely challenging financially. All our shows had been either cancelled or suspended due to the pandemic. Music and entertainment are one of the worst-hit industries. On the contrary, we have used this pandemic to realign with our vision, make music and experiment with a bunch of new ideas. We even conceptualised and hosted India’s First Socially Distant Party Experiment which has gained lots of continued appreciation.

5) What do you have next in store for your fans? 

We released two singles and a remix in the past month. We’re currently working on collaborations with other artists so lots of new music is in the pipeline. Our sound has evolved into something more underground and forward-thinking, whilst not compromising on the same energy and intensity that we bring.

Written by Heidi Thomas

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