The Millennial Hub

Our Story

The Millennial Hub is a digital lifestyle magazine with pizzazz, who’s protagonists are the millennial generation. Giving you a break from ’doom-scrolling’ all day, we aim at bringing to you #storiesthatmatter. From letting you go “Bazinga!” to being insanely “bamboozled” we’ve got you covered with the hottest trends and stories that you do not wish to miss.

Why are we awesome?

The Millennial Hub knows that you prodigious beings have curious minds where words collide and emotions intensify. So embark on our adventurous journey and publish your creative works for free.

Our Vision

We aim at bringing to light those heroes who grace the planet amidst the chaos that surrounds us. The sole purpose of The Millennial Hub is to inspire you with positive stories, because it is essential to stay both physically and mentally fit. We make your vision our priority, so feel free to reach out to us if you need someone to hear you out.



Sitara Suresh Naidu - Founder and Editor-in-Chief

With an experience of more than half a decade in Journalism she aspires to give voice to everyone who deserves it. Her experience lies in various mediums of the media industry including print, television and radio. She is also a poet and has successfully ran independent campaigns like Bleed Clean and Each one Teach one both aimed at promoting menstrual hygiene. An avid reader, an ardent football fan, and the only way to her heart is FOOD!

Arjun Gopal - Head of Business Development

Arjun Gopal has pursued Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Bachelor of Business Administration, Bangalore. Specialization in Marketing & Sales and also has work experience in different corporate sectors. He believes in Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can, as told by Paul Tournier.

Ruth Prarthana - Deputy Editor

With over 2 years of writing for a published and esteemed newspaper, she is a passionate writer with a toddler’s excitement to write about travel, food, fashion, music and entertainment! She has also interviewed a few renowned celebrities as well.

Vivian John Thenguvila - Public Relationship Manager

Raised as an environmentalist, he pursued his career in business development. He has a rich experience across various industries including corporate, hospitality, event management, rainwater harvesting, fenestration and videography. Vivian also travelled all over India spreading awareness about organ donation and women/child trafficking. An enthusiastic Rotarian and Rotaractor, the best way to get his attention would be adventure sports or an impromptu travel plan.