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A Review On Indian Matchmaking!

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

A review and analysis of the Netflix Special Indian Matchmaking. From the plot of the show to people’s reaction of Sima Aunty, The Millennial Hub reports!

Is it all written in the stars as suggested in Indian Matchmaking?

The Netflix special, Indian Matchmaking has been trolled and critiqued extensively. The show traces Sima Taparia’s path through ‘arranging’ marital alliances between Indian couples. An arranged marriage comes easily in the Indian society, it’s almost a norm. Several underlying contexts in Indian Matchmaking are laced with misogyny and casteism. This makes the more progressive younger audience highly critical of the show.

Helping pervasive families desperate to arrange marriages for their children, ‘Sima Aunty’ steers the ship by matching couples. In the show Sima states, “My efforts are meaningless if the stars are not aligned!” Reemphasising the belief that astrology and face reading play a vital role in determining whether stars align.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Sima Taparia,, in a scene from Indian Matchmaking, consulting astrologer  Pundit Sushil Ji.

The Real Deal Away From The Reel Life!

Astrology is not the only deciding factor that helps gauge individual personality traits. Many youngsters are turning to stricter sciences like numerology and tarot reading to better predict their future. Dev Borah a tarot reader with years of experience elucidates the importance of tarot reading with respect to the present generation. “Due to the lack of awareness, over 80 per cent of relationships face problems. We get about 30 cases annually where couples are curious and want to find better ways to improve their relationships. Tarot reading helps you look inside and if combined with counseling it can help build a good relationship. The angle of divination provides a sense of clarity for the individuals.”

Does Numerology Help?

As far as personality traits and characteristics are concerned, Kanggana A. Panjabi a numerology consultant says, “I believe that almost all relationships can be worked on, provided there is love and goodwill from both sides. Some relationships however may not run as smoothly and face constant problems or struggles. This is why compatibility of partners becomes important and numerology can be an important tool as it gives you a better idea as to how the partner’s characteristics may be. The compatibility has its roots in scientific and sensible reasoning and is based on an intricate study of numbers. Slowly youngsters are gaining knowledge about the idea of numerology which is now gaining traction more than their parents.”

“Numerology is an ancient science which is based on the characteristics of numbers and understanding the combination of numbers with respect to the date of birth of an individual. Every number present or missing and combination present or missing says something about the general characteristics of that person.” Kanggana explains.

Sima talks about astrology as an “insurance for a successful marriage,” but that isn’t always the case. According Kirtana Divakar ‘sciences’ can’t predict the future she says, “It’s all about mutual understanding, compatibility. My partner and I are together for 7 years now, and when it comes down to tying the knot, I don’t think we’d really care what these things have to say.”

Written by Heidi Thomas

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