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5 Fashion Trends To Watch Out For Men!

5 Fashion Trends To Watch Out For Men!

When it comes to fashion for men, its all about going back in time. The runways at fashion week are over-flowing with trends that were popular back in the days. With the resurgence of these trends we are in for an interesting season despite the doom and gloom outside! Here are 5 trends that ruling the charts at the moment…

A model sporting flared pants

A model sporting flared pants


The one image that comes to mind when you think flare pants is black and white pictures of our grandfathers sporting this hugely popular trend from the 70s. Flare pants are characterised by the narrow and fitted upper leg accompanied by the loose and and flowy ankle! While styling these pants, let the focus be diverted to the exaggerated ankle by wearing a slim-fit shirt or T-shirt! If you’re looking for a extra casual look, an oversized hoodie will work wonders as well!

A group of men sporting over the knee shorts!

Over the Knee Shorts

For the ultimate casual and laid back look, over the knee shorts are perfect. When its warm, bright and sunny outside and all you want is to stay cool, these shorts are a must have in your wardrobe. Pick up a pair of these shorts in bright patterns and colours and match it with a simple white tee or even an open necked shirt. One can never go wrong with this statement piece.

Jeff Goldblum is fashion forward with his patchwork work shirt!

Patchwork prints

If you thought patchwork this year was only for women then you’re wrong! The motto to follow while flaunting this trend is not to shy away from sporting bold prints. From plaids to comic strips to even florals, there is a lot prints to choose from. Pair a patchwork shirt with a simple and casual white t-shirt and denims completed with shades for relaxed and laid back look.

A group of men sporting relaxed suits perfect for a casual setting

Relaxed Suits

Up until recently, form – fitting, well – tailored suits were all the rage! But this year, fashion has been proving us wrong. Wearing a tailored suit in a casual setting has been around but in a loose fitting suit, it has never looked so good. With an array of prints and colours to choose from pair a simple t-shirt with a relaxed suit. flaunting his cross body bag with style

Cross Body Bag

Accessories are not just for women. Even a man needs to complete his look with accessories that will get him compliments all day long and cross body bag is just perfect. Practical and stylish, cross body bags are great in a casual setting to keep your phone and keys safe. Be it messenger-style or even small and neat ones, a cross body bag is must have in your wardrobe!

Written by Ruth Prarthana

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